The 43rd Annual International Conference
November 19th to 21st
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A) Pick an industry. How has disruption created opportunities for new companies and forced existing companies in that industry to alter their business models?
B) Choose a company. How can that company better adapt to changing market conditions brought on by disruption in its industry?
Additional Information:
Impact Challenge || Writing Challenge || Student Ambassadors

Impact Challenge: Win $15,000 Seed Funding for Your Social Venture
This year, we are continuing the annual BT Impact Challenge, a seed-funding competition for students interested in social entrepreneurship. The Challenge is open to social entrepreneurs all over the world, including those accepted to the Conference through our regular application. The five chosen teams receive a month of mentorship from top business executives, as well as the chance to compete at the International Conference for $15,000 in seed funding.

Last year's winner was the nonprofit Upsolve, which provides free Chapter 7 bankruptcy assistance to low-income New Yorkers:
Apply for the Impact Challenge Here:*
Note: Selection for the Impact Challenge will remove you from participation in the Case Study Competition

The Writing Challenge: Be Published in the Business Today Magazine
The Conference’s brand new Writing Challenge is an open-ended, individual, and research-based opportunity for students  have their article published in Business Today’s Magazine, the most widely distributed undergraduate business publication in North America.

2017 Prompt: Write an article about innovation in lifestyle in business or lifestyle as a business. Feel free to write about disruption in workers’ lifestyles, the lifestyle industry, and/or any other intersection between business and lifestyle.

*Student Ambassadors: Recruit Students and Win Prizes at the Conference
*Students accepted in the first pool of applications can be Business Today Student Ambassadors. Student Ambassadors who encourage peers to apply to the Conference have the chance to win prizes at the Conference and be a part of the elite Student Ambassador network.

Further details about the Writing Challenge and Student Ambassador Program will be sent out upon acceptance
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